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Mining for Magnificent Mac & Cheese in Stockton, California

Check out these Stockton spots serving up gobs of that hot, gooey, comfort food favorite we all know and love.

Macaroni in a pot and creamy cheese. Two primary ingredients that create such a fan favorite dish. No matter you're age, you've most likely resorted to having some mac & cheese for lunch and/or dinner. And while it may not be a "high-end" dish, it's one that rarely disappoints—and our local restaurants are well aware of this. So, scroll down and check out the Stockton food spots that are dishing out their best cheese-coated gold for your dining pleasure.

Market Tavern

If you’re looking for plenty of cheese with your macaroni, Market Tavern is a good start with their thick, four-cheese Mac & Cheese side dish. Plus, you get the bonus of adding bacon and jalapeno to it! The option of having a bacon/jalapeno-filled side of Mac & Cheese paired with a Cab Burger, Kurobuta pork chop, or chicken parmesan? That’s a lot of “yum” going on there.

236 Lincoln Ctr.; (209) 932-8001.

Midgley's Public House

Do you want gooey Mac & Cheese? So much so that the cheese stretches for what seems to be yards? Midgley’s Public House specializes in serving up this cheesy side as a welcome addition to their delicious entrees like Filet Mignon, rack of lamb, and sweet chili salmon & prawns. Caution: you’re probably going to leave here stuffed.

296 Lincoln Center; 209-474-7700.


Mezzo serves up healthy side potions of their rich, three-cheese sauce Mac & Cheese. Moreover, the macaroni that is smothered in this cheesy sauce is homemade. Imagine devouring it along with their Mezzo burger, Salmone, or Filetto Di Manzo. Why pass up this delicious opportunity?

3499 Brookside Dr, Suite A; (209) 473-7300.

DJ's Tri-Tip

Some of the most scrumptious comfort food around is crated inside a food truck—and DJ’s Tri-Tip is no exception. They are serving up some delightful BBQ cuisine paired nicely with a heaping scoop of their creamy Mac & Cheese side. Your brain and stomach will not consider saying no, and your tastebuds will thank you.

Follow them on their Facebook and Instagram to find their daily locations.

Fat City Brew & BBQ

If BBQ is in the name, you can bet that Mac & Cheese is on the menu. That is definitely the case at Fat City Brew & BBQ, just one of the food spots on Miracle Mile. Their rendition of this side along with the rest of their menu is available for pickup when you order online. Imagine stopping in or picking up their creamy Mac & Cheese along with a slider basket or a three-meat plate. Now, stop imagining it and go get some!

1740 Pacific Ave.; (209) 323-4920.

The Kitchen at Stonebrier

Sure, you’ve had Mac & Cheese, but have you had it the way The Kitchen at Stonebrier makes it? They serve up their smoked gouda Mac & Cheese not alone, but with braised short ribs and topped with shallots & chives. As if using smoked gouda cheese wasn’t enough, they went and enhanced the flavor with additions that will make your mouth water even after you’ve consumed it.

4780 West Ln.; (209) 932-9322.

Dave & Sons Famous Hotdogs

When you go to Dave & Son’s Famous Hotdogs, you aren’t just getting a regular old hotdog… you’re getting a wild adventure of flavor. Hotdogs and Lockeford sausage is covered in everything from chili to bacon to—you guessed it—Mac & Cheese. That’s right, they serve their amazing Baked Mac & Cheese dog to anyone willing to go on this intense mixture of goodness. Experience one of these and you’ll never have a hotdog the same way again.

Follow this pop-up stand on Facebook and Instagram for their daily location.

Nash & Tender

Nash & Tender is already well known for its range in spicy chicken strips and sandwiches doused in their delicious sauce. Tagging alongside their featured cuisine is a healthy serving of creamy Mac & Cheese. Whether you have it in a cup or placed freely on your plate with your choice of chicken riding on top, you’re bound to enjoy this delicious, cheesy concoction—probably while attempting to contain the heat that chicken can bring.

222 N El Dorado St., Suite B1; (209) 910-0626.

Cast Iron Trading Co.

If you’re looking for a spot with unique food and a menu that updates weekly, Cast Iron Trading Co. is that spot. You’ll find breakfast, burgers, vegan tacos, craft beer, coffee, and yes, MAC & CHEESE. Their style of this gooey dish comes on a skillet, made with cheddar cheese sauce, and topped with toasted herb breadcrumbs and scallions. How are you not hungry just from looking at it?

Follow them on Instagram for their weekly menu posts.

114 N San Joaquin St.; (209) 227-8585.

The Downtowner

The Downtowner prides itself on serving “good mood food,” their term for comfort food with a twist. Quality ingredients, organic greens, and free-range, grass-fed meats. That quality goes into their specialty Southwest Mac & Cheese dish they’ve offered. They whip it up using cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions mixed over elbow macaroni. Plus, it is served in a cast-iron skillet with the option of house-made carnitas, seasoned beef, or chicken. Talk about a twist on comfort food. We approve!

Keep an eye on their Instagram to see when they’re serving up this creamy goodness.

40 N Sutter St.; (209) 910-9714.

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