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Top 8 Restaurants in Stockton, California, According to Tripadvisor in 2022

Here is a list of eight of the best restaurants in Stockton, California, according to customer reviews on Tripadvisor.

Choices, choices. So many delicious options when you're trying to figure out where to eat in Stockton. We know it can be difficult to decide on your own, so we asked the experts at Tripadvisor for their favorites to help you decide.

Please note: This list has been updated as of January 2022. Chain and franchises were excluded from the list.

1. Dave Wong’s Restaurant

Dave Wong's once again took the top spot on Tripadvisor. With over 400 reviews, guests raved about both the food and the service. This is a great spot for family-style dining, so you can pick out a few options and share. Pro tip: start with the lettuce wrap appetizer. The garlic chicken is also a popular option, with fans saying it's the best you can get in town.

Address: 2828 W March Lane
Phone: (209) 951-4152
Accepts online reservations: No
Take out orders:

2. Market Tavern

Once again coming in high on the list, Market Tavern continues to draw rave reviews. It's diverse menu is a hit with diners, as are the atmosphere and the vegan/vegetarian friendly options. Another element that really wins over diners is the efforts they go through to source all of their ingredients locally. Freshness is something that can't be faked, and Market Tavern is all about authenticity. Pro tip: try the Thai-style Brussels sprouts. They're life changing.

Address: 236 Lincoln Center
Phone: (209) 932-8001
Accepts online reservations: Yes, book at OpenTable.
Take out orders: Yes

3. Cocoro Japanese Bistro and Sushi

Read through the reviews of this popular Japanese bistro and you'll see the sushi brought up again and again. Don't be fooled - they love the entire menu, but the sushi really shines here. Located in the heart of the Miracle Mile, it's become a popular go-to spot for people to get lunch while they take a break from browsing the many local shops.

Address: 2105 Pacific Avenue
Phone: (209) 941-6053
Accepts online reservations: No
Takeout Orders: Yes

4. Angelina's Spaghetti House

If you're in the mood for Italian, then the Tripadvisor reviewers say Angelina's Spaghetti House is the place to go. Actually it's more than just the reviewers, as you'll find a large number of the local farmers here during lunch on most days, which tells you a lot about how popular their food is. Many of the reviews rave about the raviolis, they're a big deal here. It's said you'll know an Angelina's ravioli with the very first bite. Add that with their red sauce which is practically a local institution in itself, and you have the makings of a legend.

Address: 1563 E Fremont St.
Phone: (209) 948-6609
Accepts online reservations: No
Take out orders:

5. The Waterloo Club

Fans love both the "old timey" vibe and the delicious food here. When it comes to the food, this place is legendary for ribs, chicken and pesto pasta. Another popular option is the French Dip, which one reviewer praised as "The best I ever had in my live." Another bonus, you can buy their BBQ sauce to go so you can enjoy a bit of The Waterloo whenever you want at home.

Address: 10447 Waterloo Rd
Phone: (209) 931-4019
Accepts online reservations: No
Take out orders:

6. Papapavlo’s Bistro & Bar

Papapavlo's is a mainstay in Stockton, and a quick read-through of the reviews will tell you why. For a memorable experience, order the "saganaki". It's also known as "flaming cheese" which should tell you all you need to know on why it's memorable. They bring it to your table and then light it on fire. It really adds a showy spectacle to the evening. Be sure to end the night with some baklava cheesecake, another reviewer favorite, and you'll go home happy and full.

Address: 501 Lincoln Center
Phone: (209) 477-6133
Accepts online reservations: No
Take out orders:

7. El Rancho Inn-Steak & Lobster

If you consider yourself a true carnivore, or a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy, then this is the place you want to try. You'll have your choice of a cut of meat cooked how you like it. A lot of the reviewers raved about the surf and turf options as well, but it's the steaks that are the star. One reviewer even going so far as to say it's the "best meat in town." Another compared their steaks to driving a European super car, and that it's hard to go back to anything else after you've had the best.

Address: 1457 East Mariposa Road
Phone: (209) 467-1529
Accepts online reservations: No
Take out orders: Yes

8. Midgley’s Public House

It's all about the chowder here. Fans love coming here for both lunch and dinner to partake in wings and the prime rib slider, but the clam chowder is the star of the show at Midgley's. Located on the famous Brick Walk in Lincoln Center, do some shopping in the afternoon and time it so you can be done around happy hour at Midgley's, which is a perennial winner of "best of" competitions in town. Do yourself a favor and get the fried avocado appetizer. It's phenomenal.

Address: 296 Lincoln Center
Phone: (209) 474-7700
Accepts online reservations: Yes, book at OpenTable.
Take out orders:


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