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Best Breakfasts in Stockton, California

It's important to get the day going well right off the bat, and that takes a great breakfast. Your options abound in Stockton, with many restaurants where you can get a delicious start to your morning.

We don't talk about breakfast much, despite it being the most important meal of the day. However, is there really anything better than starting the day out with some fluffy pancakes, a delicious omelet or a stuffed breakfast burrito? Check out these Stockton restaurants if you're looking for the best, and most delicious way to kick off your morning.

1. The Omelet House

As one would expect from the name, The Omelet House is known for breakfasts. Of course you can have just about any type of omelet imaginable, but you can also get a killer plate of biscuits and gravy. Be sure to come hungry, because the portions are generous, and you don't want to let any of this food go to waste.

Where are they?

3455 Cherokee Road

2. Duck Nook

Breakfast and brunch are the specialties here at Duck Nook. The French Toast is just the picture of perfection, and their biscuits and gravy should be called gravy and biscuits, which is the way it should be. That gravy is also amazing on their country fried steak as well. If you judge a breakfast restaurant by its bacon, then you'll definitely approve of your meal here.

Where are they?

103 W Harding Way

3. Chuck's Hamburgers

It may be called Chuck's Hamburgers, but this place shines at breakfast time too. The restaurant is a Stockton institution, having been here since 1960. As if that longevity weren't enough of a sign that they know what's up, Huell Howser even featured them on an episode of his show. The options here are endless, but the "frisbee-sized" pancakes are legend.

Where are they?

5939 Pacific Avenue

4. Mi Ranchito Cafe

Mi Ranchito is another long-time favorite in Stockton. Family-owned since the 1970's, it's become the go-to spot for generations of residents. You haven't lived until you've had a breakfast burrito from Mi Ranchito. The machaca plate is another popular breakfast choice.

Where are they?

425 S Center Street

5. Casagrandes Delicatessen & Catering

If you're one of those types who starts the day as hungry as a bear just waking up from hibernation, then Casagrandes is where you need to go. The pancakes are huge. Like the size of a pizza huge. The omelets are packed, and the country fried steaks are pure perfection. Start your morning off right, just be sure to bring your appetite.

Where are they?

1910 County Club Boulevard

6. American Waffle Diner

If you're at all familiar with the Stockton dining scene, you knew American Waffle Diner was going to be listed. While waffles have expanded beyond the breakfast table to really be an anytime meal, breakfasts here are amazing. Of course they have traditional waffle plates as well as chicken and waffles, but they also offer French Toast, breakfast burritos and even crepes. The only real limit is your imagination.

Where are they?

1540 E March Lane, Suite B-5

7. Market Tavern

The best thing about brunch is that it has all the food of breakfast without all that waking up early nonsense. With that in mind, next time you wake up past the "normal" time for breakfast, head over to Market Tavern and enjoy their brunch menu served Saturdays and Sundays. From classics like pancakes and French Toast to fancier fare like eggs Benedict or lemon ricotta pancakes, you've got some amazing options.

Where are they?

236 Lincoln Center

8. Sam's Cafe

It's almost mandatory for a café to have great breakfast, right? Sam's fits that bill with good, old fashioned down home breakfasts. The portions are generous and the bacon and sausage are definitely on point. Their waffles are also amazing, but the star may be the country fried steak.

Where are they?

2328 Pacific Avenue

9. Tommy's Cafe

The kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed, what do you do to get things going in the right direction again? Take them to Tommy's Café. The chocolate chip pancakes would put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces, while you can enjoy a fantastic omelet or country-style skillet. By the end, everyone will be happy and full, the only real way to start a day.

Where are they?

7407 Pacific Avenue

10. Susy's Mexican Food

Breakfast is a specialty at Susy's. From Mexican cuisine breakfast favorites like chilaquiles con huevo, huevos rancheros or machaca, to American breakfast standards like pancakes and French Toast, the menu here is a full-family pleaser. They also have a healthy selection of omelets, including a shrimp omelet, so you've definitely got your choices cut out for you.

Where are they?

120 W Harding Way

11. The Cluckin Rooster

The The Cluckin Rooster is one of Stockton's newest restaurants. If you're a fan of chicken and waffles, then you'll want to make your way down here as their entire menu is focused on the southern staple. They have some fun variations on the tradition, like the Cluckin Breakfast Sandwich made from two waffles, bacon, eggs and cheddar cheese on the side. You can also order other breakfast favorites like French toast, eggs and bacon or pancakes. If there's a better way to start a day, we haven't found it yet.

Where are they?

7628 Pacific Ave.

Do you have a favorite breakfast spot we don't know about? Share your find on social and tag us or use our #VisitStockton hashtag.


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